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About CompSol

CompSol is an independent IT consultancy ran by me - David Graham. With 25 years of experience I have worked on projects for large multi-nationals, startups and sole trader businesses, from programmer to product manager.  My experience covers all aspects of IT using different technologies in a variety of markets - from creating strategies, undertaking market research and product evaluation, project implementation and problem solving.  IT is much more than a website and an email account !

I listen to what you want and what your current problems are as well as suggesting changes that an outside eye can see. My aim is to make technology work to give your business a competitive edge.

What I do ....

I could say "anything and everything" but overselling and not delivering doesn't help anyone,
so here's some examples .....

Supplier evaluation

Your suppliers enable you to create an infrastructure to build upon - hardware, software, comms - and should "just work" so you can concentrate on the business.  I can review your current environment to find ways to make it more efficient and cost effective.

Application evaluation and implementation

Which software is best for this problem ?  Should I update or start afresh ?  Is it value for money ? Does it do what I want or need ? Selecting the right app, hardware or system can make a huge positive difference to your business.  I can help you identify and select the right technology for now and tomorrow.


Problem fixing !

Why isn't this working ?  Many businesesses have areas of IT that do not work correctly, "have always been like that", "we don't know how to fix it", etc.  Give me the problem and I will either fix it or suggest a solution.

Technology advice

Technology is like fashion - always changing and something is flavour of the month !  The cloud, SaaS, Iaas - I can cut through the jargon and sales pitches to ensure that you are not left behind or sold what you don't need.

Recent work that I have done ....

These are some examples of projects undertaken

Sorted out domains

This client had 50 domains registered across 4 suppliers, 6 live websites and no control of costs or effective management, resulting in overspending and losing domain names.  I sorted these out, registering with one supplier, moving websites to better, more cost effective hosting etc.  The result was a saving of time & money as well as security of the environment.

Evaluated telephone requirements

This client only had staff in the office for part of the day and needed a system that was flexible and highly configurable but easy to manage.  An "off the shelf" VoIP system provided the flexibility and more useable features than the existing system at a lower cost !

Reviewed systems for inventory disposal 

An office re-location and clearance company needed an application that enable them to track inventory from it's original source through selling, invoicing and delivery to it's new home.  I evaluated the requirements and set up the application environment.


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